Killer Clowns 2016 targets: 16 cities, states prank possibilities

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Want to avoid the stupidity of the Killer Clowns 2016 craze? Talks of Killer Clowns purge are happening but completely avoiding certain cities, states and locations to get away from the fad is also highly suggested for people who just want to avoid pranks.

A Facebook post claims that some Killer Clowns are planning to “their own purge” on Halloween’s eve. The group, which carries the name “Clown Hunters”, want to neutralize the possible Killer Clowns threat at the end of the month, which is reportedly the target day for the ultimate pranks of the clown wannabes.

The group, purportedly showing concern for the Killer Clowns’ would-be victims, advised people to just stay indoors and even keep their doors and windows locked.

Sources claim that as many as 16 city/states will be attacked by Killer Clowns come Oct. 31, or on Halloween.

Which city, states or locations to avoid the stupidity of the Killer Clowns this 2016? Below is the alleged target list for the prank attacks (Via thebitbag.com):

Killer Clowns Prank Attacks Possible Locations

– Atlanta, Georgia
– Birmingham, Alabama
– Chicago, Illinois
– Dayton, Ohio
– Denver, Colorado
– Delaware
– Florida
– Greenville, South Carolina
– Oklahoma
– Tennessee
– Kentucky
– Las Vegas, Nevada
– Los Angeles, California
– Pennsylvania
– Richmond, Virginia
– Upstate New York

So if people want to avoid such pranks and embarrassing instances such as these:

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Video courtesy: YouTube/Buzzpranks

Killer Clowns 2016 craze is coming and the public might want to follow the advice and just completely avoid this stupid fad.

Photo courtesy: Pixabay.com

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