Killer Clowns craze killing clowns business; Police expected to stop fad by Halloween 2016

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Photo courtesy: Jackmac34/Pixabay

The Killer Clown craze was fun at first but the fad now appears to have tapered off and even affected the business of legitimate clowns, whose gigs apparently have went down due to the latest social media trend.

“It’s definitely a scary feeling leaving your house and you fear you are going to get jumped because you’re dressed as a clown,” Cyrus Zavieh shared to the Associated Press as reported by The Telegraph from UK.

“You’re there to make them happy, to make them have fun, and now they are saying, ‘Aaaagghh!’ All of a sudden these stories are putting fear into kids. … Before they’d just look the other way, but now it’s like, ‘You’re a scary clownand I hate you.’

The Killer Clowns craze started earlier this October when pranksters dressed in clowns scared a random crowd or person.

Simply, it’s a scare tactic for some useless human beings who just want to have fun and play pranks on unassuming people. It’s good when it’s just for the fun part but there have been reports that some of these killer clowns have been seen with real knives and other dangerous weapons.

Though the prankster never intends to use it in the spirit of fun and scaring but some pranks have gone over the line with people reporting that some of these clowns allegedly attacked them.

The Killer Clown fad was fun at first but now that it’s affecting the working life of real clowns and that it’s a dangerous prank, it should probably stop now with police from the United States and United Kingdom reportedly receiving increasing complaints of the prank.

Video courtesy: YouTube/Top5Central

Halloween 2016 is also around the corner and the Killer Clowns will attack these date to impress their brand of pranking. But they should also realize that this is more dangerous than fun and should stop it immediately because it has started to get out of control.

Photo courtesy: Jackmac34/Pixabay

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