Kim Kardashian killed in Paris armed robbery: Fans disgusted with social media reactions

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Photo courtesy: kimkardashian/Instagram

Kanye West had to stop a concert in New York due to a “family emergency”, which is apparently a Paris armed robbery involving wife Kim Kardashian. Swiftly, rumors of Kim Kardashian dead or Kim Kardashian killed headlines started swamping social media and the Internet and which was uncalled for, according to Kardashian supporters and fans.

According to reports, Kardashian, who is one of the most popular celebrities in the world, was robbed at gunpoint of her jewelry, which is allegedly valued in millions of dollars.

The incident where Kim Kardashian was robbed was in her Paris apartment when two armed men pretending to be cops reportedly entered the property. Reports state that Kardashian was “badly shaken but physically unharmed” after the incident.

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Meanwhile, a few minutes before the Kim Kardashian robbery incident was reported, Kanye West stopped a concert in New York and left early due to what he called a “family emergency.”

“I’m sorry. I have a family emergency. I have to stop the show,” West stated during the concert.

The Kim Kardashian killed news started to pick up on Twitter when the Paris robbery started getting reported. Some reactions from fans showed disgust for those who wanted Kardashian dead.

Here are some reactions:

“I don’t like Kim Kardashian but that don’t mean I want her to get killed or anything. It must be traumatic for her and y’all making jokes.”

“I truly cannot stand Kim Kardashian (or any of that family). But what I don’t want is for her to get killed. The hell is wrong with y’all?”

“People out here saying things like “Kim kardashian should have been killed,” how do you sleep at night? y’all straight evil.”

“Kim Kardashian is a woman with kids and a husband and she could have been killed. That’s not funny. Have some respect for other humans.”

The Twitter users stated in reaction to the Kim Kardashian killed rumors and supporting the famous celebrity, who could be having a tough time after the robbery incident in Paris.

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Photo courtesy: kimkardashian/Instagram

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