Kobe Bryant and Ellen DeGeneres teaming up to prank an unsuspecting aesthetician

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It has been two weeks since the former Lakers superstar has played in the farewell game of his 20-year NBA career, and now Kobe Bryant is back to start something new but it’s not about basketball.

Yes, the Black Mamba is back and has made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week to discuss something new. Bryant is team up with Ellen DeGeneres to set up a prank involving their guest doctor, fortunately, Kobe was a co-prankster rather than the victim.

Ellen had the 37-years-old Kobe meet with an unsuspected aesthetician follow the orders Ellen gave to him through a concealed earpiece. The catch: Kobe has this ‘severe sweating problem’, which has resulted in his decision to retire from NBA games.

Reports said that Kobe has told the aesthetician that he had an awful sweating issue, and even offered the aesthetician a container of full of fake sweat.

DeGeneres has kept an eye on Kobe and told Kobe exactly what to say by speaking through a concealed earpiece. Ellen also made sure that the entire conversation was as awkward as possible.

To her credit, the doctor kept her composure, even when Bryant went on to detail everything about his severe sweating problem. Long story short, the aesthetician was baffled by the former Lakers superstar.

Watch the full video here: Kobe Bryant Teams Up with Ellen DeGeneres to Prank Unsuspecting Aesthetician

Picture Courtesy: Christopher Johnson/Wikimedia Commons

Video Courtesy: TheEllenShow/Youtube.com

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