Kristen Stewart: What was she thinking talking about her college yearbook with Ellen

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Photo courtesy: Sgt. Michael Connors/Wikimedia commons
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Kristen Stewart had a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres for her new movie “Billy Flynn’s Long Halftime Walk” and she confessed how her “college yearbook” makes her reminisce both the good and uncomfortable part of her life.

No, the actress wasn’t talking about her college life. Rather, she referred to her ‘Twilight’ years as her “college years” and looking at the pictures from those films was like looking at your “college yearbook”.

“It was just after my high school experience would have been so it feels like just after,” she said. She said that after Ellen flashed an old snapshot of her and ex-boyfriend and co-star Robert Pattinson when they appeared on the show to promote “Breaking Dawn.”

Aside from that, she also said during the interview that the newfound fame she had with ‘Twilight’ was uncomfortable because what was something personal suddenly became public property.

She added that she was just around 17 or 18 at that time. On the other hand, she was not complaining but she was grateful for everything ‘Twilight’ has brought and taught her.

One of the things she learned, according to her, was that it forced her to ‘stand at attention’ and also to take risks. ‘Twilight’ has pushed her out of her comfort zone but she has learned that every time she does something scary, good things happen.

Aside from Billy Flynn’s Long Halftime Walk, Stewart is set to appear in a French movie called “Clouds of Sils Marie”. She showed off some of what she has learned by speaking some French to Ellen.

Next year, she will appear in the horror flick, Personal Shopper, and a drama called Certain Women, which tackles life in a small town in America. She also has a film together with Chloe Sevigny about the life of ax murderer Lizzie Borden.

Photo courtesy: Sgt. Michael Connors/Wikimedia Commons

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