Kyle Chandler Cable in Deadpool 2 still possible after Tim Miller quit

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Deadpool 2 is one of the most anticipated sequels of recent Hollywood blockbusters, but it hit a roadblock when Deadpool director Tim Miller quit the franchise owing to creative differences. The difference of opinion was with lead star Ryan Reynolds, who played the titular character in the first film over Kyle Chandler playing Cable in the sequel.

There are many fans who will still prefer Kyle Chandler as Cable in Deadpool 2. However, it seems extremely unlikely that the actor of Friday Night Lights fame will be cast by the studio, since Ryan Reynolds is not in tune with him. It is being rumored that Tim Miller quitting the sequel of Deadpool is mainly behind Reynolds’s refusal of Chandler’s participation in the movie.

“Miller wanted more of a stylized sequel, while the actor placed his focus more on the raunchy comedy style that earned the first movie its R rating. Miller wanted the “Bloodline” star to play Cable, though Reynolds did not. Ultimately, the studio backed its marketable star” The Wrap reported.

Although Kyle Chandler as Cable is not possible after Tim Miller’s exit, Liam Neeson as Cable is very much in the running again. It was reported earlier by Umberto Gonzales at Heroic Hollywood that FOX wanted Liam Neeson to play the important character in Deadpool 2, but Miller was against it from the start. Now, that the director of the first movie has left the franchise, one could very much expect the Taken star to step right back into consideration.

Apart from Cable, Domino will be another important character in Deadpool 2. Domino is a female mutant who could supposedly play Reynold’s love interest in the movie.

According to reports, four actresses are currently in contention to land the role. They are Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10 Cloverfield Lane), Mackenzie Davis (Halt and Catch Fire) and Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex), according to Collider.

Hopefully, the studio will be able to rope in another brilliant director for Deadpool 2. With Ryan Reynold’s still onboard for the sequel, fans will hope that the casting of Cable and Domino is done properly.

Deadpool 2 release date is slated for January 12, 2018. With Tim Miller quitting the series, we would hope that the release is not delayed and the movie is still on track to meet the deadline.

Photo courtesy: BagoGames/Flickr

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