Lakers’ Nick Young doing his best to save relationship with Iggy Azalea

Nick Young is reportedly trying to win back the trust and affection of Iggy Azalea after the video scandal.

Nick Young of the Los Angeles Lakers has his own personal battles as he tries to save his relationship with Australian rapper and songwriter Iggy Azalea after the controversy that also include D’Angelo Russell.

The whole incident stemmed from a video that Russell allegedly leaked out on social media depicting Young admitting to have been cheating on the 25-year old rapper from Sydney, Australia. The incident has taken Young’s relationship with Azalea to the rocks as trust issues have now surfaced since the couple got engaged last June.

TMZ reported that Young is totally messed up with the whole incident and that he is doing his best to win Azalea’s trust and affection back. It was also reported that a top official of the Lakers is trying to patch up things with both Young and Russell once and for all. Lakers’ insider stated that the video may have been leaked by a third party and not Russell.

It was also reported that both Young and Russell have made a man-to-man talk to straighten things up. Russell was stated to have apologized to Young for the mess to which the latter accepted but stated that things will never be the same between them again.

Young has been reported to have talked with his legal counsel on possible charges to be filed against the one who leaked the said video and it is still unclear if Russell will be included in the suit.

As for Azalea, she was spotted horseback riding in Calabasas taking the time off alone to re-evaluate the situation and on whether or not she will call off the engagement.

The clock is ticking for Young and he must go all out if he wants to save his relationship with Azalea and for sure things will not be same as well between them. Young vowed to move heaven and earth to salvage their relationship, which in the first place was built on trust.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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