The Last Ship Season 3 Finale, Episode 13 Spoilers: Tom Chandler cures virus-infected America; Season 4 about human extinction

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The Last Ship Season 3 finale episode 13 spoilers season 4 release TNT
EP Steven Kane hints about The Last Ship Season 3 finale, episode 13 spoilers that gives way for rebuilding a virus-stricken America in Season 4.

As The Last Ship Season 3 finale is getting closer, the post-apocalyptic drama spoilers revealed a hint of how the writers wanted to end the series next week. Based from the various sources, Captain Tom Chandler, the lead character of the series, goes back to America and clears his name in episode 13.

As someone accused to destroy the military, Chandler returns to the American seas after fighting Peng in Asia to explain the truth. He’ll argue that he’s not the real traitor and the one responsible for threatening the military.

In order to achieve his mission, he needs to meet Allison Shaw and others involved to clarify things, which sparks a big change in his life. In episode 13 “Don’t Look Back” spoilers, the viewers will see the struggling Chandler as he reaches America for a bigger battle, Spoiler TV reported.

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About Chandler’s “bigger challenges,” there were no details about the possible hurdles upon his return. Yet, executive producer Steven Kane gave some clues.

During the San Diego Comic-Con last week, he said something about their first-hand experience, according to Entertainment Weekly. They got the idea of the finale from that event that they cannot forget.

He described the value as an often neglected aspect of life that is emotionally intense. From that moment, Kane used the situation as an inspiration for the series’ finale.

It sounded enigmatic, but he might be referring to the reunion of Captain Tom Chandler and USS Nathan James last week wherein it was an intense episode and at the same time a happy reunion, which they’ve been craving so far.

Furthermore, Kane also stated about something politically involved plot coming. It seemed broad and vague. Yet, he’s pointing to the politics behind the spread of a virus. He loved to end the series with a hook to the next season.

“The first season literally was these people on the shop … the second season, we get this sense of what America is looking like under the threat of the virus, and then we come home and bring home the cure, and now, what does the world look like and how does America rebuild?” he said.

Generally, avid The Last Ship viewers could expect a stunning ending, which assures of a season four soon through thinking two important questions. First is about America’s future, given that the region is under threat of a virus.

Second question will determine how the lead characters of The Last Ship rebuild America and cure the lands from the virus. Will they successfully save humanity from extinction? Will they identify the persons responsible for the virus?

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Concerning the season four, Kane has confirmed that as an EP, he doesn’t want the audience to wait for years before continuing Chandler’s journey and wonder what’s next for the next season. That means after the finale, The Last Ship Season 4 is on the way on TNT soon.

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