Is Lex Luthor coming back for “Justice League Part 1?

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After almost two months since the release of DC’s Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice, one of the questions running in the fans’ minds is: What’s next for Lex Luthor?

The actor of the super villain in Dawn of Justice, Jesse Eisenberg, was at first himself in doubt if he would be making a comeback on the next franchise of the superhero series. When asked about the possibility of his character returning after an ending to the Dawn of Justice that hints that he has a big role on the next villain to come in Justice League Part 1, he told the Business Insider that he does not know if the writers are so sure of where Lex Luthor will be going next, and that he just hopes that he would be given another chance to work with his co-actors and be able to play an interesting character.

In the ending of Dawn of Justice, Lex Luthor, inside a jail and with a shaved head, muttered the words “the end is near.”

However, on the MCM Comic Con in London, Eisenberg made a clearer answer that Lex Luthor may actually be in Justice League Part 1.  He said that the production is ongoing and he is just waiting for a call.

He even jokingly said that he’s not sure what more he can reveal because a drone from DC might be following him around and might pick him off the production if he says something wrong.

Justice League is set to hit the big screens on November 17, 2017, but DC fans are in for a big treat as “Suicide Squad” is about to released on August 5, 2016.

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