Lil Wayne going crazy; Rapper says no racism in US, officiates same-sex marriage in jail

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Lil Wayne getting crazy on non-existence of racism in the US
Lil Wayne getting crazy? This sounded a lot recently when rapper revealed he doesn’t believe racism exists in US. He officiated same-sex marriage in prison.

It sounded like Lil Wayne was going crazy in the past few weeks as the 33-year-old American hip hop recording artist revealed that he has not dealt with any forms of racism in the US and has believed that this concern is non-existent in the country. Moreover, he also acknowledged that he officiated a same-sex marriage, while he’s in prison six years ago.

Other celebrities with black ancestry have called the attention of everybody across the US and the world to tackle and to eradicate racism in any means. In July, Queen Latifah made the same announcement when she received an award during the VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2016.

Yet, Lil Wayne contrasted this issue and other people’s claims about the existing racism in the country. He believed that there is no such thing as racism. In the opinion of the rapper, this problem concerned merely towards people, whose personal values on self-worth and beliefs towards respect greatly aggravated. He explained this in an interview with Undisputed about it.

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The rapper said that there are many “blacks,” especially the younger generation, who are apparently progressive, find it difficult to handle such matter. For him, he felt thankful that he does not have to face troubles about his ancestry and his racial background.

“I thought that was clearly a message that there was no such thing as racism. My crowd has always been everybody. I have never … never [use] a strong word. I have never, never dealt with racism and I’m glad I didn’t have to,” Lil Wayne cited.

However, USA Today reported that the rapper has only based his judgments with only one circumstance. The source stated that co-host Skip Bayless told the rapper that “the only black face you could see in the whole audience was your makeup artist.”

Furthermore, the 33-year-old hip hop recording artist wrote in his memoir “Gone Til November” about his struggles while he’s inside the prison in 2010. In one of its contents were facts about officiating a same-sex marriage ceremony.

What made that year worse was when his fellow rapper Drake admitted that Lil Wayne’s girlfriend slept with the him. According to The Guardian, Lil Wayne felt devastated with everything that happened to him. Nevertheless, he remained grateful that racism has not added to his concerns.

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Generally, it might sound odd for everybody to believe that racism is non-existent in the US and around the globe. Lil Wayne assumed that this concern will only take place for the people, who allow that matter to consume them. Moreover, it’s up to the person to fight against it and believe it is real or not at all.

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