Lil Wayne’s UFC 200 show cancelled due to epileptic attack; Nicki Minaj horrified with rapper’s ‘death wish’

Lil Wayne's UFC 200 show cancelled due to epileptic attacks
Lil Wayne’s UFC 200 show was canceled due to his epileptic attacks. Rapper was in emergency room and briefly in ICU. Friends worry about his death wish.

Lil Wayne was supposed to perform during the pre-UFC 200 party in Las Vegas on Monday. However, it was canceled immediately after his sudden epileptic attack minutes before the show started.

The 33-year-old rapper suffered from seizure attacks once again. He felt lucky to have survived the recent seizures while preparing for his performance in the UFC 200 stage party.

He was immediately sent to the emergency room and a brief stay in the ICU but was released afterwards. According to Lil Wayne, he blamed this incident to the prescription medication mix-up resulting to a surprise epileptic attacks.

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The attack itself was not the main point of the issue but his death wish. A Hollywood Life insider said that at that time, Lil Wayne has thought about it. “It’s like he has a death by the way he’s taking care of himself. Every night is a party. Nicki and 2 Chainz have been talking to him behind the scenes, trying to get him to slow down but they’re not getting through him. At this point, those close to him expect the worst,” the insider stated.

His friend Nicki Minaj cited that she already told Lil Wayne to stop risking his own life, an insider added. She’s also worried about the rapper’s strange behavior somewhat leaving his death wish to everyone close to him.

“[She has to] grill him like never before once he’s 100-percent in perfect health … He’s acting like he has a ‘death wish, she better reach out to him soon,” the insider continued.

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The same source previously reported that this is not the first time when Lil Wayne suffered from sudden epileptic seizures in mid-flights or in mid-performances. In fact, he had severe seizures while he’s on plane that made the pilot decide to have an emergency landing in Omaha, Nebraska. The incident resulted to coma three years ago.

Consequently, his close friends are expecting the worst after the recent epileptic attack in Las Vegas when he was supposed to perform during the pre-UFC 200 night party.

Photo courtesy: Instagram.com/@lilwayneofficial_

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