Lindsay Lohan’s new accent is part of the reinvention to redeem herself

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After many years of bad publicity, the media has once again turned their eyes on Lindsay Lohan. Thanks to her new, weird accent which has been taking the world by storm. That also proved that the ‘Parent Trap’ actress still has got something newsworthy of her other than the news of her partying, getting stoned, or getting into a catfight with her boyfriend. Based on all the media attention she’s been getting nowadays because of that accent, one can surmise that it is Lohan’s ploy to reinvent herself.

The media took notice of Lohan’s new accent after an interview last month during the opening of her new Greek nightclub, which was delightfully named Lohan Nightclub. Comparing her current accent with the original one she had used, the accent sounded like a crossover between someone learning the British accent for the first time and someone who hasn’t spoken French for a long time.

When asked during an interview with the Daily Mail about her new accent, the actress said that it was a mixture of all the languages she knows and is trying to learn. She added that she is fluent in both French and English and that she can understand Russian. At present, she is also learning Arabic, Turkish, and Italian. The actress gamely asked her fans to help her name the new accent. she even came up with a name herself calling it the LiLohan.

Accent aside, however, there was a lot that the actress revealed during the interview and if people were focusing on it, the actress was trying to redeem her image as that of a wild party girl. She talked about  focusing on fixing the bad things that are happening in the world. She mentioned that the Lohan Club can do more than just being a club. Although some of what she said may come as a garbled confusion of thoughts,  it looks like the actress is trying hard to make something worthwhile with her life. Hopefully she will go straight that path weird accent or not.

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