Lionel Messi in jail results to ultimate Argentine football meltdown; Rival Cristiano Ronaldo in tears

Lionel Messi in jail hints Argentine football complete meltdown
Lionel Messi in jail hints to an ultimate Argentine football meltdown. Argentine Football Association lost president, coach and captain in national team. Portuguese rival Cristiano Ronaldo is in tears with Messi’s situation.

Lionel Messi in jail might be a clear hint of an ultimate Argentine football meltdown. This is all due to his recent tax fraud charge which sentenced the Argentine football superstar with 21-month imprisonment. Aside from that, his national team is currently in chaos.

By listening to recent updates and news about the Spanish club Barcelona forward’s imprisonment is indeed heartbreaking. Although he and his father fought against the Spanish tax office, it is clear that the 29-year-old football superstar won’t play on a field again.

His decision of leaving the international football and the recent tax fraud charges hint that the fans won’t certainly see Lionel Messi on the field anymore.

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The famous “Mexit” [Messi’s exit] created buckets of tears from the fans around the world, including his rival Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, the Toronto Sun reported.

“It hurts me to see Messi in tears and I hope he returns to his national team because they need him. Messi is not used to defeats and disappointments, not even to finishing second,” he said.

The bad thing is even the Argentina national football coach Gerardo Martino resigned from his position and left the entire team under chaos. He said enough after the two-month nightmare.

According to Goal, there is almost nobody left in the Argentine Football Association (AFA). Mass walkouts from the biggest clubs’ executives in the country, including Boca Juniors, River Plate and San Lorenzo’s vice-presidents happened. What’s worse is, even the association’s president Luis Segura resigned.

Julio Olarticoechea, an under 20s coach, told Radio Continental about the real situation of the Argentine football players.

“At the AFA training facilities, there is no food to give to the kids, no money for spaghetti. The situation is really sad,” he said.

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With Lionel Messi’s resignation from international football and current legal issues in his tax fraud case, it is certain he won’t have a chance to play for Argentina once again. Moreover, the mass walkouts from the AFA executives make the worst and most controversial concern.

Argentine football’s complete meltdown is crystal clear if the crisis continued. In the meantime, the country has no football superstar, no president, no coach, and no captain. The country’s football team is in the complete mess.

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