Longmire Season 6: Things to expect from the upcoming installment

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Avid fans of Longmire may have already binge-watched the entire season 5 on Netflix, and now fans are wondering whether the neo-western crime drama series will air its next season following rumors about its cancellation.

However, recent reports has it that there will be a sixth installment of the show following a confirmation from writer Craig Johnson and Longmire star Robert Taylor, according to chattsportsnet.

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Fans are also in unison in saying that there must be a continuation since it has a strong critical response. Add to the fact that the American western drama is also currently at the top of Now Trending on Netflix, the streaming service may have to renew the show for the sixth time, according to Longmire Posse, an official fan site of the show.

Although there is still no official announcement made from Netflix of a Longmire renewal, fans are already speculating about the storyline of the upcoming season. Reports also suggest that the series will pick up where the previous season has left off.

It means that sheriff Walt Longmire and his deputy Victoria “Vic” Moretti will continue on with their budding romance given all the sexual tensions in the previous season. There’s also Vic’s pregnancy to address as the show also set up the possibility that the pregnancy will never come to term.

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Also, the mysterious background of fan favorite Henry Standing Bear has fans guessing whether he really is Hector, an ex-boxer who lives on the reservation and is a mercenary-for-hire for Cheyenne seeking justice. A Reservation Batman, in other words.

There is also the ongoing rift between Walt and his daughter Cady due to the sheriff’s suspicions of Jacob Nighthorse. Walt’s pride and stubbornness may cause his relationship with his friends and family and it seems that the lawman perhaps was born in the wrong century.

There is an abundance of materials that Netflix can use if Longmire were to return to the small screens. And dedicated fans deserve a closure given that the show aired its first four seasons in A&E Network and later picked up by Netflix.

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