‘Lucifer’ Season 1 Review: As season finale was a bang, Tom Ellis and crew tackles critics ‘then what’s next?’

Fox TV series “Lucifer” stormed viewers with excitement, thrill and shock, critics are already looking forward as to how Tom Ellis and his crew could pick it up in Season Two.

As the season finale of the Fox TV series “Lucifer” stormed viewers and critics alike with excitement, thrill and shock with Tom Ellis and his revelation. Now they are already looking forward to how the story will go from where it ended and poses the question for Tom Ellis and his crew, “then what’s next?”

It seems that the critics themselves want more revelation of the Prince of Darkness, who simply got bored with his kingdom in Hell and decided to walk among the people on Earth disguised as a bar owner retaining his first name and adding his last name with a legendary Morningstar effect to note. Critics want more of the relationship established by Lucifer with Chloe and in season two wants more revelation about why she is immune to his charm, who is she really?

Despite being odds with her in the season finale titled “Take Me Back to Hell,” some analysts stated that the show has deviated somehow as how the Bible depicted Lucifer adding twists in each episode making Ellis’ character showing weakness with people instead the other way around. They also wanted to know more of the brotherly relationship Lucifer has with his brother “Amenadiel,” played by D.B. Woodside.

These are some of the things that the show’s writers will have to work on as they start their preparations for Season Two, which is rumored to be aired by January 2017.  Some of its critics called the show a “decent series” only means that expectations will be high above normal for Ellis and the rest of the cast for the next season, which is a thing to watch for. There is even a pitch if there would a possibility of a crossover between Lucifer and “Constantine,” which is aired on NBC just like the crossover between “Arrow” and “The Flash.”

“Lucifer certainly has a sense of atmosphere and has some fun with little touches like the character’s personalized license plate (FALLIN1, naturally) or inherent dislike of children. Rachael Harris is also a hoot, briefly, as a psychologist who is decidedly not resistant to Lucifer’s influence. Still, it’s hard to think of anything more mundane than having the Devil walking among us, only to turn that into a crime procedural–a slightly sulfurous version of ‘Bones’ or (gasp) ‘Rosewood.’ Subsequent episodes merely clarify that perception,” Brian Lowry of Variety said.

Glenn Garvin of Reason.com and Gail Pennington of St. Louis Post-Dispatch opinionates that the show shows a different side of what we know of Lucifer, whether be it in the Bible or in another religious sect, but one thing is clear it lives up to its expectation of being a fantasy police procedural comedy-drama television series developed by Tom Kapinos taken from the comic book series “The Sandman,” which later became the protagonist of the spin-off comic book series “Lucifer” written by Mike Carey, both published by DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint.

“You set up your world, which is a big part of your first season. Watching the show back, I feel like it really gathered momentum and we hit our stride. To not have been able to come back and do it would have left us with a feeling of, “Ugh!” It’s great because we know so much more now, and we know why people want to watch it. Of course, I have to be invested in it, but you wonder whether other people will be. The fact that they have has given us new energy to attack the next season with,” Ellis said through the Collider.

Things to consider for Season Two would include those mentioned above plus the very intriguing one about who will play as Ellis’ mother who escapes the gates of Hell and will wreak havoc on earth that could jeopardize Lucifer’s reunion with Chloe. Also, who will play the role of mother to both Lucifer and Amenadiel, whose sibling rivalry might be set aside to capture their mom and bring her back to Hell?

Season Two brings much more excitement and more questions that answer and both fans and critics hope that these would be answered or it will be a short live for the “devilish” series that brings the goodness out in everyone.

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