Lucifer Season 2 Rumor: Barbara Hershey is strong contender to play as Tom Ellis mother from Hell

Fans are craving for the latest update of Fox’s newbie series “Lucifer,” Season 2 and as of late Golden Globe winner Barbara Hershey is rumored as a top contender to play the role of Tom Ellis mother from Hell?

Fans are craving for the latest update of Fox’s newbie series Lucifer Season 2 and as of late Golden Globe winner Barbara Hershey is rumored as a top contender to play the role of Tom Ellis mother from Hell?

According to Morning News USA, the 68-year old Hershey is being considered to take on the role of the mother of Lucifer and will be known as the Goddess Asherah, who are a Semitic Mother Goddess, wife, and spouse of the Ugaritic El. Many modern scholars of ancient Israelite mythology suggest, in part based on Jeremiah’s claim that she is the Queen of Heaven, she was the wife or spouse to the warrior god/sky god, Yahweh.

Lucifer’s mom has drawn widespread curiosity as she was revealed at the show’s season finale last month. In the season finale titled “Take me back to Hell,” Lucifer Morningstar played by Tom Ellis returned to Hell after being framed for a murder and being shot. Lucifer could not stop the bleeding from his gunshot wound as he becomes vulnerable in the presence of Chloe (Lauren German) that he had to ask help from his “Dad.” Upon returning to hell and getting acquainted once again with his brother Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), he is then tasked by his father to help in returning an escapee, his mother.

Showrunner Joe Henderson told TV Line that revealing Lucifer’s mom was supposed to take place towards the end of season 2, but the bosses from Fox liked the idea of revealing mother of the Prince of Darkness as a solid cliffhanger for the season finale. Henderson then came back together with the show’s creative minds and started to develop the storyline that will end the season with a bang and as they say, “the rest is history” as viewers and fans of the show started to come up with names, who could play the role of Lucifer’s mother.

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Henderson explains that the actress who could land the role should be a “stone-cold hottie” and her personality should be able to overpower that of Ellis and Woodside, scaring the Hell out of them.

“The biggest question is going to be, ‘Who is Mom?’ We’re excited to figure out who we’re going to cast because we think it’s going to be a big, cool, meaty role for someone. I’m excited to see who we can get and what direction we take it in, Lucifer-Amenadiel-tall because that’s Season 2. Season 1 was the story of a wayward son dealing with his father issues; Season 2 is Mom,” Henderson said.

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He added that ethnicity will not be a problem in casting Lucifer’s mother as Henderson describes it, “she’s eternal to a certain extent.” Henderson added that Season 2 will be a collaboration of both comics and mythology to establish her personality and how will she bring havoc on earth.

In a recent post on Twitter, the show’s creative staff posted a picture of the show’s writers all dressed up and are making their way to The Magic Castle, which by Google search would end up with a nightclub for magicians and magic enthusiasts, as well as the clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts. It bills itself as “the most unusual private club in the world.”

The post teases of what the show’s creative minds are doing as they are gathering the needed materials to come up with the character such as Lucifer’s mom or Asherah as the caption of the post suggests “The @LUCIFERwriters are looking dapper this evening. Off to #TheMagicCastle for a little #Lucifer an inspiration…”

Will Barbara Hershey capture the imaginative minds of fans and viewers of the show “Lucifer” remains to be seen as both network and the show runners have yet to announce who will take the role? Aside from that fans should not wait any longer as Season 2 of “Lucifer” invades the small screen this fall and not early next year.

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