‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Rumor: Tom Ellis receives strong call for crossover episode with ‘Constantine’

Tom Ellis is rumored to have been receiving calls for his character “Lucifer” to make a crossover episode with NBC’s “Constantine.”

With the development of the story line for its second season, Tom Ellis is rumored to have received calls for his character “Lucifer” to make a crossover episode with NBC’s “Constantine,” played by Matt Ryan.

Since the premise of  Season One finale had a chilling news that Lucifer and Amenadiel’s mother has escaped the gates of Hell, writers of the show can perhaps figure out a way to draw a storyline that will see both Constantine and Lucifer putting their differences aside and track down Tom Ellis’ mom.

Movie Pilot has exposed that it will not be the first time for Constantine to make the crossover since Matt Ryan is set to make a crossover with the TV series “Arrow,” which analyst considers “absurd.” Critics could not see the connection between the two characters since Arrow is a superhero vigilante, who is out to clean Starling City from the corrupt officials and menace to society while Constantine is a demon hunter and master of the occult.

Rumors are swirling that an episode could be in the works with the characters of Constantine going to the City of Angels hunting down a demon and would come across with Lucifer and his brother inside the bar, which the latter owns. Old grudges might take place but a common goal would unite them, in the meantime, and this is to hunt down Lucifer’s mom while they take care of the demon hunted down by Constantine and his crew.

However, casting someone to play as the mother of Lucifer and Amenadiel will be a tough one. Writers are looking at the possibility of having Barbara Hershey on board for the role, though no confirmation is announced yet. It would be a great impact on the show if they could find someone who is stone-cold, bad ass, young and a certified “hottie.”

“We’ve got everyone on board who was there the last time, and I think they did a great job. It’s always nice to get another go at something. You can address the things that worked and you can iron out the creases of things that didn’t work so well, and you can see what people have responded to with the show,” Ellis stated with the Collider.

Season Two for the newbie series “Lucifer” looks bright and critics are one in saying that they hope it won’t be a disaster, thus, the pressure is on for Ellis and the cast and crew as viewers and fans will have just to wait until January 2017 for the scheduled play date.

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