‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Update: D. B. Woodside wants love angle with Lesley-Ann Brandt explored

D.B. Woodside wants his character and that of Lesley-Ann Brandt budding love affair to be explored in the upcoming Season 2 of Fox TV’s hottest newbie series “Lucifer.”

Looks like someone is getting jealous as D.B. Woodside wants his character and that of Lesley-Ann Brandt to be explored more especially a possible budding love affair in the upcoming Season 2 of Fox TV’s hottest newbie series “Lucifer.”

Woodside, who plays as Amenadiel – the dark-winged angel and Lucifer’s brother, stated that he wants to see more interaction with his character and that of Brandt, who plays Mazikeen – a confidante and a devoted ally of Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) and acts as a bartender at Lucifer’s club.

“I would love to see the supernatural aspects of the show get brought more to the forefront. I think there’s a lot going on with Amenadiel and with Maze, and I would love to see those two characters interact more with Lucifer and the other world. That would be my suggestion that I would offer respectfully,” Woodside tells the Collider.

Woodside further narrates that this is not the first time he worked with Brandt, he says that they have both worked in another series entitled “Single Ladies.” Thus, their chemistry is seemingly no doubt built upon from there and he also describes working with Ellis as they are able to suggest which one could work best for the show.

“Tom [Ellis] and Lesley-Ann [Brandt] are just great. Lesley-Ann and I had worked together about four years before…so we already had a friendship and a working relationship with each other. It’s been great to reunite on-screen. And Tom is just absolutely a delight to work with. All three of us are able to bring that into our scenes. Because we have a real friendship, we’re also able to suggest things, figure things out, and talk about things,” Woodside explained.

Woodside is upbeat with the show getting another season, he states that they are very happy with the response from the viewers and from the network itself as they get the chance to further present the characters of the show and how are they inter-related because of Ellis’ character, Lucifer.

He hoped that the show would stick to how the viewers and fans embraced it, especially on the supernatural aspects of the show.

“I think we’ve worked our way there. And now, I think it’s time, since our fans have been so supportive and so understanding as we’ve, at times, bounced around trying to find our way through a first season on network television, and our Season 2 should really be for them. This season finale pushes the boundaries of our show. I think it delivers, and I think the last scene of the show is absolutely amazing. It sets us up beautifully for the start of Season 2,” Woodside added.

The good thing for Woodside and the rest of the cast is, the show will introduce who Lucifer’s mom is and from their things will build up as the show gets back on the air by early 2017.

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