‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Update: Show runner reveals Tom Ellis mom was to be kept a ‘secret,’ no plans yet of casting for God

Tom Ellis’ mother paved way for the explosive season finale of Fox TV’s newbie police procedural comedy-drama television series “Lucifer.”

Turns out that Tom Ellis supposed “secret” revelation of his mother paved way for the explosive season finale for Fox TV’s newbie police procedural comedy-drama television series “Lucifer.” Show runner Joe Henderson revealed that the idea of inserting the story line about Lucifer Morningstar’s mother was not supposed to be revealed not until the later part for Season Two.

Henderson that they were thinking of a season finale cliffhanger that would really be a jaw dropper and when they talked with the network’s executives, they went for the mother tag line that will best suit the transition to the new season. Henderson told TV Insider that the identity of the escapee from Hell was supposed to be a secret for a bit longer, but the secret turned out to be the bomb that sends shock waves to the show’s fans.

“We were aiming for that final beat but we weren’t actually going to put it in [the last scene]. We were talking about cliffhangers and finding a way to really sell the ending and I told the network, ‘Well we have this idea, but it’s kind of crazy and we’re not sure how you guys are going to feel about it.’ And they were like ‘That’s it! That’s your finale!’” Henderson explained.

Thus the famous season one ending came into play when Lucifer, played by Tom Ellis, spotted the broken chains in one of the chambers in Hell. This after he returned to Hell after he was shot for saving Chloe’s (Lauren German) daughter from being kidnapped. Henderson added that they have already laid out the story line for Season Two, after been given the two thumbs up from the executives, and confessed that the “mother thing” was supposed to take its course by Fall, but the revelation in the season finale has helped the creative team to take the show to another level.

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Henderson explained that whoever lands with the character will have a big shoe to fill as her character must also stand alone and could compete in raising hell on earth like her sons. He added that the actress will be in for lots of fun with the cast and crew as they have done with Season One.

“It’s an awesome opportunity to get a really good actress since there’s so much flexibility within the parameters [of the character] and we’re hopefully going to provide them a really cool, fun role. Because if Lucifer takes after mom? Wow,” Henderson said.

The show runner has also stated that they have not yet casted an actor who will play as God, though fans are itching for HIS revelation to complete the identities of brothers Lucifer and Amenadiel. Henderson confessed that they are still putting their efforts on how to introduce Lucifer’s mother thus father will just have to wait till the show gets on the road, as they say.

“We have no plan to cast God right now, but to us mom is very much a character and one that we’re really excited to bring to life and one that will be walking the streets of Los Angeles,” Henderson added.

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Aside from Henderson, show’s lead actor Tom Ellis told Collider that they are overwhelmed as to the response of the people to their show and hopes that they could keep the momentum running till the next season, which is rumored to air by January of 2017. He added that since Lucifer’s mom will steal the lime light from all of them, he revealed that the show will still revolved around him and German as its “backbone.”

“It’s been lovely and very overwhelming, how people have responded to it. We’ve had a lot of fun making the show…The effect that she’s having on Lucifer; he’s also having on her, against her better judgment. The fact that these two characters are on this path makes this unlikely duo the backbone of what our show is,” Ellis said.

However, no actress has been officially named yet to take the part of a bad ass mom from Hell and both Henderson and Ellis are still mum about it.

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