Lucifer Season 2 Update: Tom Ellis and crew to get more than 13 episodes for mom’s revelation

Tom Ellis and the rest of the crew are expected to get more than 13 episodes for season two of the Fox TV series Lucifer which is slated to air by fall.

With the revelation of the existence of Lucifer’s mother, Tom Ellis and the rest of the crew are expected to get more than 13 episodes for season two of the Fox TV series Lucifer, which is slated to air by fall.

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Fox announced that Lucifer will still get the Monday slot at 9 p.m. ET, the network also added that the series will get an extended winter break, meaning that the second half of the series will be aired in the spring of 2017. This is due to the fact that people have been hooked on the show, thus, the storyline have been strengthening further to keep viewers glued to the show especially with the revelation of Lucifer’s mother, who apparently has escaped Hell. D. B. Woodside, who plays Tom Ellis’ brother “Amenadiel,” tells Collider that the impact of season one’s finale gave them the push needed to get another season going.

“They’ve done an amazing job. We got picked up for Season 2, so obviously, what they came up with for Season 1 worked and was successful, and it worked well enough to get us a second season that looks like it’s going to be longer than the first season, which excites all of us,” Woodside said.

Thus, with a longer season will give the show’s creative department on how to slowly introduce Lucifer’s mother, who surely rocked the opening season finale. Showrunner Joe Henderson tells TV Insider that the thought of having Lucifer’s mom on the show was supposed to be the teaser for the ending of season two, but Fox executives got curious and gave them a go for the perfect debut season.

“We were aiming for that final beat but we weren’t actually going to put it in [the last scene],” says Henderson, who also wrote the episode, adding that he didn’t even expect the twist to be OK’d by Fox. “We were talking about cliffhangers and finding a way to really sell the ending and I told the network, ‘Well we have this idea, but it’s kind of crazy and we’re not sure how you guys are going to feel about it.’ And they were like ‘That’s it! That’s your finale!’”

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Henderson added that with Lucifer’s mom will be introduced, but they have no plans on casting an actor who will play as God. Henderson added that they are excited to work on episodes that will surely drop jaws of viewers with Lucifer’s mother walking the streets of Los Angeles. Though they have not yet announced the actress who got the coveted role, but Henderson explained that the thought of getting the perfect actress for the role matters as it will greatly affect the show’s future.

“It’s an awesome opportunity to get a really good actress since there’s so much flexibility within the parameters [of the character] and we’re hopefully going to provide them a really cool, fun role,” he says. “Because if Lucifer takes after mom? Wow,” Henderson explains.

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So many names are speculated who would best fit the role and fans are hoping that their suggestions would be heard. So who do you think is best for the role? Write the name of the actress and explain why she should be cast to play Tom Ellis mother from Hell?

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