‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Update: Tom Ellis and his family tree to overlap growing romance with Lauren German

Tom Ellis and his character Lucifer Morningstar have a mother towards the season finale last month and rumors has it that the second season will reveal more of his family tree.

Show runners of the newbie Fox TV hit series “Lucifer” has revealed that the Tom Ellis and his character Lucifer Morningstar have a mother towards the season finale last month. Now, rumors are swelling that with the grand revelation, Lucifer’s family tree might be the story line drawn for the show’s season two that would overlap the growing romance between him and Lauren German, who plays Chloe in the series.

Show’s executive producer Joe Henderson tells TV Insider that they wanted to reveal Lucifer’s mom towards the end of season two, but officials from Fox TV were dazzled by the fact that Lucifer and Amenadiel do have a mom and that she is managed to escape the gates of Hell to wreck havoc in the City of Angeles. With this premise, it’s more likely that Ellis will get to repress his feelings for German (Chloe) as he is task by his FATHER to bring back her mom to Hell.

“We were talking about cliffhangers and finding a way to really sell the ending and I told the network, ‘Well we have this idea, but it’s kind of crazy and we’re not sure how you guys are going to feel about it.’ And they were like ‘That’s it! That’s your finale!’” Henderson said.

Speculations are also flooding that the show’s season two will reveal more of Lucifer’s family tree and might also discuss a very sensitive topic of how angels were born. Since religion has always taught that all things were created but how come Lucifer and Amenadiel had a mother? So they were born? And who is the Father?

“It’s us paving a little bit of our own path and telling a bit of story that hasn’t been explored in the comics. We have no plan to cast God right now, but to us mom is very much a character and one that we’re really excited to bring to life and one that will be walking the streets of Los Angeles,” Henderson added.

Jeff Harris of Crossmap writes that the topic of Lucifer having a mom intrigues him and is very much looking forward as to how the show will give justice to all this hype. He explains that Fox and the show’s creative minds have touched a topic that has not yet been ventured upon by any network.

“We have stories about creation, about Moses and Noah, about Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead, yet knowing who the angel’s mother is, that’s different. I haven’t seen anything story like this before. Yet I just have one suggestion, well, one story line writers can dwell on – Lucifer is very close to his mother which is the reason why he was made in-charge of Hell after GOD decided to imprison her. And Lucifer is scared for what his mother will do now that she’s out,” Harris pointed out.

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Though Henderson has stated that they have not yet cast any actress for the role of Lucifer’s mom, he hopes that by the time they find her, she would be able to surpass the expectations of her of being a bad ass, scary type of mother that even Ellis and D.B. Woodside would be scared enough to tell her to go back to Hell.

With all of this, it seems Lucifer’s growing romance with Chloe will be put on hold as Lucifer gets on his task while Chloe has doubts about trusting him. Although they have move on from the past incident, still both characters have distanced themselves from one another to avoid more intimacy in the end.

Putting Ellis in a tight situation as to finding his mom, spending time to bond with her before taking her back to Hell, which will require an amount of help and persuasion.

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