‘Lucifer’ season finale: Tom Ellis gives fans a glimpse of Hell as Season 2 sees more romance

Tom Ellis reprises his character as “Luficfer” when its season two starts tapping.

Fox has renewed its newbie series “Lucifer” to a season 2 contract and lead actor Tom Ellis is reported to unveil his character’s romance between him and “Chole” played by Lauren German.

As that develops, the season finale of the fantasy police procedural comedy-drama television series derived from the comic book series “The Sandman,” will give fans a glimpse of what Hell looks like.

The Season One finale titled “Take me back to Hell,” will evolve on Tom Ellis’ “Lucifer Morningstar” character leaving earth to go back to his father after leaving his throne in exchange for a life in the “City of Angels.” Meanwhile, the story will have a twist with a question if Lucifer will be able to know why Chloe is immune to his charm, wit and sexual advances?

Ellis in an interview with Comic Book resources stated that the show’s title finale speaks for itself and there will bombshells that fans and views must play attention to in order not to be tempted to do a replay of the said episode.

“Viewers can expect a few bombshells. The one thing I can tease about the episode is throughout the whole season, I’ve been asked, ‘Are we ever going to see Hell?’ In the finale, yes, we do. That’s all I’m going to say,” Ellis said.

The show has gotten the much-needed appreciation as it depicts the emotional side of Lucifer, who is considered the Prince of Darkness. The show has even garnered a decent viewership and is expected to rise with its season finale that Ellis added that viewers must stick closely about how the story develops to find out Chole’s true identity, which will lead all to its season two.

As excitement builds up for the season finale, Fox is getting its writers busy to hand down the story line for its second season that will still have both Ellis and German reprising their respective character roles. Though details for Season Two have not been made available, but actors themselves are giving fans a tease of things to come in the next season.

Ellis narrated that his character and that of German will still play as the show’s “backbone,” as the show’s story continues to divulge the closeness of the two with Ellis being more outspoken about his feelings while at the same time helping Chole his investigative duties as a detective.

“There’s no logic in that relationship, from Lucifer’s point of view, but he’s drawn to her and compelled towards her. She is the most disarming force in his life because none of the things that he normally relies on in his relationships with people work on her. She exposes him for who he truly is, and I think that can be really sweet, at times, and also can be quite terrifying, at times,” Ellis explained.

However, D.B. Woodside, who plays as Lucifer’s brother “Amenadiel,” tells Zap2it that the romance that everyone wants for them will not happen so soon as Season One and the coming season will still be a “get to know each other” for the lead characters.

To know more about what the future holds for Chole and Lucifer, tune into Fox on Monday night for the Season One finale.

Photo Courtesy: Tom Ellis Fans @Tom_Ellisfans/Twitter

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