Man U star Wayne Rooney lays the smackdown on WWE giant

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Manchester United star Wayne Rooney is not one to back down from a challenge – on the pitch or away from it.

At a front row attendance at a WWE Raw show with Red Devils assistant manager Ryan Giggs, England’s national team captain proved he can pick on someone not his own size.

Rooney showed his feisty side and was not afraid to throw the smackdown on the gargantuan Wade Barrett during a ringside banter shortly before a fight involving Irish superstar Sheamus and Antonio Cesaro. .

The Preston-born Barrett, took to the center of the ring and started ridiculing Rooney on the microphone.

“In this ring are two men who can be easily be described as as championship material. Which is, of course, more than can be said of Wayne Rooney and Manchester United,” chided the 6-foot-7 Barrett.

Barrett further insulted Rooney by telling the crowd that he wanted to bring the soccer internationalist, who was also with his son, to the ring but quipped: “I would hate for your little boy to have to watch his own father fail. He gets to experience that every single time you step on a football pitch.”

That was when Rooney had enough.

When Barrett approached Rooney at ringside, that’s when Rooney challend the 250-pound professional wrestler to a fight in front of the thousands of WWE fans at the arena.

As Barrett came closer, that’s when Rooney gave him a swift, big blow, much to the thunderous cheers of the crowd.

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