Margot Robbie reveals secret with her voice as Harley Quinn; Addresses hot pants rumors in Suicide Squad

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Margot Robbie stars as Harley Quinn in the recently released Suicide Squad movie. She has something to spill about the secret with her voice as Harley Quinn.

The actress also addresses the hot pants rumors of her character being photoshopped, according to viewers.

Harley Quinn is a character from Suicide Squad that has a madly inviting voice. The one who plays this role is the 26-year-old actress, Robbie.

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According to Brian Truitt of USA Today, Margot reveals a secret regarding her character’s voice.

“She’s got a very high-pitched voice, which for the lighthearted stuff, the crazy stuff, works really well in Suicide Squad,” Robbie says. She added that when the scene is emotional, it is not appropriate to use such a high voice from Harley Quinn.

Therefore, Margot wants to have a variation from her character’s voice to have a New Yorker feel in it. She wants her voice to be like the actress, Lorraine Bracco. Lorraine starred in the “Goodfellas” drama film.

“My spectrum goes from Lorraine Bracco to animated Harley, and it’s just a roller coaster between those two throughout the film,” Robbie added.

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Aside from her voice as Harley Quinn, she also answered rumors regarding her hot pants costume in the film being photoshopped.

The speculations came when the first trailer of the film shows that Margot is wearing a shorter hot pants. This is compared to the recent trailer that depicts that Robbie’s costume appeared to be longer. Because of this, the netizens has speculated that the actress’ hot pants were photoshopped.

“I didn’t know about that, but having been there on the day, they were very small”, Robbie said.

When asked by the NYTimes if she would wear Harley Quinn’s hot pants in real life, the actress stated: As Margot, no, I don’t like wearing that.

The Suicide Squad movie is a DC Comics film that was just released last August 1 in the United States. It is scheduled to be released worldwide on Friday.

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