‘Married at First Sight’ Season 4 Episode 11 Preview, Spoilers: Nick and Sonia finally getting a divorce

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In ‘Married at First Sight’ season 4 episode 9, Sonia Granados and Nick Pendegrast had a passionate argument that ended up with Sonia packing her bags and leaving and Nick admitting that he finds her unattractive. With all the hurtful exchange many are now wondering whether they will file for divorce,

After the heated argument, Sonia decided she has had enough of Nick’s rudeness and left their house. In episode 10, Nick admitted to Pastor Cal Robeson that he can’t go on with her relationship to Sonia. He even cruelly admitted as per a Daily Mail report that he’s not physically attracted to her anymore.

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“When we first got married, I thought she was beautiful, but my level of attraction to her is not as high as it was initially. We were matched by the experts, but maybe there is underlying things that I didn’t say or that you didn’t say or that they didn’t know or that never came up that is a big deal and makes us not as compatible as we thought we were,” he said.

Sonia, on the other hand, found refuge in Derek Schwartz whom he shared mushy tweets online and had a Snapchat rap battle leading to one fan making a prediction that the two are a ‘secret couple.’ Granados, however, said that there is nothing wrong about two people undergoing the same thing to share friendship even if they are of the opposite sex.

Meanwhile, Movie News Guide reports that Nick confessed to MAFS alum Jamie Otis that he felt bad about being rude to Sonia. He said that he had just a bad day at work and was not in the mood to discuss with Sonia about feelings. However, Sonia’s insistence annoyed her causing him to lash out at her resulting in an explosive argument.

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Now that Nick is repentant about what he did, will Sonia let what happened between them pass and forget every hurtful thing Nick said to her? Or will she throw the white towel and give up Nick in favor of Derek? That remains to be seen in the upcoming episode 11 of MAFS.

‘Married at First Sight’ episode 11 is titled ‘To Love and To Cherish’ will be aired on Tuesday, October 4 at 8:30/7:30 CT on FYI.

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