Marvel Cinematic Universe Rumors: Iron Man may be in the Doctor Strange Movie [SPOILERS]

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Iron Man may be in the Doctor Strange Movie
Iron Man may be in the Doctor Strange Movie

Trailers for the Doctor Strange movie have gotten fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) abuzz thanks to the preview’s superb cast and demonstration of the film’s awesome, mind-bending effects. Though reports have claimed that filming already concluded a couple of months ago, a recent tweet by one of the film’s co-stars, Benedict Wong, suggest that the movie have done some additional shoots to fit in more scenes. This rumor has also sparked theories that Iron Man may be in the Doctor Strange Movie.


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Wong’s tweet, which also contains a video of the second trailer of Doctor Strange, was posted on August 15, 2016. It can be seen below.

The Angry Ginger, a Podcaster, also seems to confirm the appearance of Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark in the film.

With this bit of news, fans are also wondering what Iron Man or Tony Stark’s role would be in the movie. According to website, Cinema Blend, rumors now claim that Tony Stark will be replacing Nick Fury as the superhero recruiter for the Avengers in upcoming films of the MCU.  This may mean that Stark will appear in Doctor Strange, as a cameo, to try and persuade the mystic superhero to join the Avengers.

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Further clues have also lead fans to believe this theory.

With Stark’s appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming, which will be set in Queen’s New York, he will only be a stone’s throw (or propulsion powered jump) to Manhattan, where Doctor Strange’s lair-the Sanctum Santorum-will be located. Though unconfirmed at this time, this adds on to the rumor that Iron Man may be in the Doctor Strange Movie, since the Avengers are desperately in need of more members with quite a number of them either physically or mentally unequipped, at the moment.

Doctor Strange will be coming to theaters on November 4, which leaves a few months for fans of the MCU to solve the mystery of the two Sherlock Holmeses.

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