Marvel vs. DC: Avengers, X-Men fight Justice League, Suicide Squad characters [VIDEO]

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Members of the Avengers and X-Men faced DC characters

In a recent fan-made video posted on YouTube, some members of the Avengers and X-Men faced DC characters from the Justice League and Suicide Squad in a fight only Hollywood gods and goddesses will be able to allow.

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One such (editing) god was able to grab fight scenes from various movies in the Marvel and DC universe, and turn it into a convincing amalgamation of superhero mayhem. The five-minute video, though an obvious mash-up, was able to sew together sequences quite well, but did not really give out clear “match-ups” among characters. There WERE a couple of standouts though that made more sense than the others.

Before going into the fight preview and predictions, though, it should be taken note that a Marvel-DC crossover was already done in the past-in print. This saw a couple of popular characters-Batman, Superman, Hulk and Thor-and less popular characters-Jubilee, Namor, Shazam and Lobo-fight it out in what was deemed a battle among comic book titans, at that time.

In any case, the following could be contenders for “Fight of the Night”, done based on UFC fight divisions.

Heavyweight: Superman Vs. Hulk (Superduper Heavyweight)

This was actually in the comic book version of the Marvel Vs. DC crossover (Superman won). But then a fight between an alien being who is faster than what’s that again… and stronger than how many men… and a human who transforms into a giant green raging monster will surely put any heavyweight match to shame. Expect fighters to pour out a lot of ground and pound in this one.

Prediction-Superman in five (hours of fighting)

Light Heavyweight: Batman Vs. Iron Man

Putting two genius rich playboys with limitless resources and a British butler into the ring, will rake in millions… no… billions of cash. And that’s just from sponsorship alone.

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But on a more serious note, people can definitely expect a more brainy fight in this one, with one fighter trying to outsmart the other, not really putting out a punch until the last second.

Prediction-Batman in one (minute after Iron Man tries to save Pepper Potts)

Lightweight: Flash Vs. Quicksilver

Fans can look forward to a really fast fight in this one. This sentence probably won’t be done and the fight will alre… That’s how fast these two are. Although Quicksilver has a slight advantage over the Flash having two versions in the big screen. But many still say the the Flash is definitely faster. He did beat the speed of time in Flashpoint.

Prediction-The Flash in four (millionth of a second)

Welterweight: Deadpool Vs. Green Lantern

Because don’t we all want to see Deadpool Ryan Reynolds kick Green Lantern Ryan Reynold’s a**?

Prediction: Deadpool in four(ever)

PHOTO COURTESY: Marian Sigler, Sergiy Palamarchuk/ Wikimedia

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