Marvel’s Luke Cage: The newest superhero offering from Netflix is strong and bulletproof

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Marvel’s Luke Cage is the latest web television series developed for Netflix based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. The show is making its debut on Netflix this coming Friday, September 30 with Mike Colter playing the titular character Luke Cage, a former convict with superhuman strength and unbreakable skin who now fights crime in Harlem.

The show also stars Simone Missick as Misty Knight, Theo Rossi as Shades, Mahershala Ali as Cottonmouth, Alfre Woodard as Mariah Dillard, Frank Whaley as Rafael Scarfe and Sonia Braga as Soledad Temple and many other guest stars.

Luke Cage is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, sharing continuity with the films of the franchise and is the third in a series of shows coming after Marvel’s Daredevil and Marvel’s Jessica Jones, in which Luke made his first appearance. The last will be Marvel’s Iron Fist, which all leads up to a teaming of the four titular characters in Marvel’s The Defenders.

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The series opens with Luke still mourning his wife Reva, whose death was detailed in Jessica Jones. With his Hell’s Kitchen bar all burnt up, he is trying to keep a low profile in Harlem by working for Pop’s Barbershop while washing dishes at Harlem’s Paradise, the Cotton Club-style night bar that serves as a lair for the neighborhood resident gangster Cottonmouth. Eventually Luke gets drawn to a situation he would rather avoid, making his employer at Harlem’s Paradise his enemy.

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Luke’s weapons of choice are his muscles and fists, which he wields with brutal efficiency. He does not have fancy martial arts skills but he gets the job done and goes right back to the business of living. Rather than wear a shrinking Ant-Man suit or wield a magical hammer like some of his superhero brethren, Luke has a hoodie as a signature accessory.

According to an interview with executive producer and creator Cheo Hodari Coker, per USA Today,  “that piece of clothing will always be political because of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in 2012 and today’s Black Lives Matter movement, but the show is proudly leaning into tackling tough questions of police violence and urban gentrification.”

Marvel’s Luke Cage is a must-watch television series as it celebrates the preciousness of black life as lived and viewed from the perspective of a black man, one who happens to be bulletproof. It is not just a superhero series, rather a drama seen through the eyes of an African-American man. It is an immersive viewing experience that is as sensually fulfilling as it is relevant.

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