Mary Poppins Returns: Emily Blunt cries; Julie Andrews & Dick Van Dyke appear cameos

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Mary Poppins Returns Emily Blunt cries Julie Andrews verdict
Mary Poppins Returns lead character Emily Blunt cries knowing original Mary Poppins & Oscar-winning actress Julie Andrews’ verdict with portraying role.

Slated to return to the big screens on Christmas 2018, Emily Blunt stars in Mary Poppins Returns as the new lead character. After knowing Julie Andrews’ verdict with her portraying the role, Emily Blunt cried.

The 33-year-old English actress finally heard the response of the original Mary Poppins and the Oscar-winning actress Julie Andrews recently. According to the 55-year-old Oscar-nominated director and filmmaker Rob Marshall, who’s responsible for Mary Poppins Returns success, Julie Andrews approved Blunt’s portrayal of the lead character and gave Blunt her blessing.

He told Blunt that he informed Julie Andrews in advance about the new actress to act as Mary Poppins in the film next year. Marshall also added that when Andrews knew that Blunt will perform the role, she felt great with it.

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Concerning Andrews’ approval, Emily Blunt told Entertainment Weekly that she wanted to cry when she knew that the famous Julie Andrews accepted her as the new Mary Poppins. For her, it was like giving her an approval stamp to portray the role that made Andrews popular 50 years ago.

“I felt like I wanted to cry. It was lovely to get her stamp of approval. That took the edge off it, for sure,” she said. Blunt also told the source that she hasn’t spoken with Andrews yet about the role in the meantime. But certainly hearing Andrews’ support calmed Blunt’s nerves.

Furthermore, Blunt teased about the changes to occur with Mary Poppins’ character in the sequel. She cited that Mary Poppins gets meaner than the original movie. The film will delve deeper into the books that P. L. Travers authored.

Lately, rumors about Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke’s cameos were discussed as well. E! News stated that the two might appear in the film sequel. But the actress denied these claims. There were no discussions cited between their parties about it.

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Mary Poppins Returns is a sequel to the first Mary Poppins produced in 1964, starring Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Mary Poppins and Jack respectively. The said movie will be set 20 years after the original film, specifically during a Depression-era London. At that time, the Banks children are already adults.

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