Master of None Season 2 actor Aziz Ansari pressured to create better episodes; Spoilers, predictions unveil filming in Italy

Master of None Season 2
Master of None Season 2 actor Aziz Ansari reportedly pressured to create better second season after Emmys 2016 nominations. Episodes filmed in Italy.

After his Emmys 2016 nominations, Aziz Ansari reportedly pressured to create more comical and exciting episodes in the next season. According to him, Master of None Season 2 will be different. So, fans should not miss one episode.

Master of None Season 2 actor Aziz Ansari might feel a bit of pressure to write better episodes after being nominated in Emmys 2016. Along with his co-writer and co-actor Alan Yang, he is determined to create a different season.

During an interview, he denied the claims of him compelled to make a better Master of None Season 2. He said that they just keep on writing episodes without thinking of any awards and other other rewards. All they have in mind is the passion to entertain the audiences who are watching them day by day.

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He admitted that they are preparing for whatever that happens along the way such as receiving an Emmys 2016 award. However, he emphasized that this is not just the reinforcement of the show runners and the casts to do their best to create the series.

In fact, he knew he was one of the few Asians to receive such nomination. However, he and Yang focused on things that matter to them. These include dwelling on the personal touches of the episodes.

He stated that in each episode, there is a personal story involve. Hence, the show itself became too personal to them. Regardless of the awards they will receive in the future, what lies the most importance is the success of the show not by number of awards but the number of people they inspire and laugh.

Aziz Ansari also added that Master of None Season 2 will keep its secret sauce of making the episodes exciting and its flexibility and creative freedom.

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“You know, this is like a cheeseball thing to say, but I’m just happy we get to make the show we want to make and have the creative freedom to make this show, and that people are responding the way they have to it,” he said.

In the meantime, Screen Crush reported that the filming will start in summer in Italy. Hence, many fans could anticipate more thrilling episodes in Master of None Season 2 premiere in 2017.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/MasterofNone

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