MasterChef Australia Season 8 2016: Elena predicted winner; She wins fast track to finals challenge

MasterChef Australia Season 8 Episode 53 spoilers predictions
MasterChef Australia Season 8 predicts Elena as season’s winner for 2016. This is based from an impressive performance in fast track to finals challenge.

MasterChef Australia Season 8 2016 predicts Elena’s win this season. This is based from her impressive sorbet dish during the fast track to finals challenge.

In the last episode, the four budding chefs faced a monumental challenge which allows the “winner” to have a guaranteed spot in the finals. Fortunately, Elena won and the rest of the contestants will have to win for another challenge.

Based from the spoilers, the remaining contenders for the finals week spots will be divided into two groups (Blue and Red teams). Brett Carter, Mimi Baines and Harry Foster grouped in the red team. Matt Sinclair, Elise Franciskovic and Trent Harvey on the blue team.

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The team who wins in the next challenge will have chance to get a spot for the finals week. The judgment of the non-winning team will be announced next week. Hence, they need to work their best to assure their tickets for the finals week.

Matt and Trent were already noticed to have the skills Elise needed for the team to win. The team who won in this challenge will be revealed in the next episode.

In episode 52 recap, the chefs were in San Francisco for the challenge. Elena already got her finals week spot after winning the same fast track to finals challenge.

She took the most risky move on her “Food Heaven” dish. By adding a lavender to her sorbet, judges doubted its taste. They explained this would make the sorbet tastes stronger than the usual.

Despite these comments, she remained adamant to her guts and placed lavender in the dish. Amid the feeling of doubt and setbacks, she confidently brought the dish to the judges. By looking at its appearance, it’s already appetizing. Plus, they were completely blown away with the taste.

“How bloody good was that?” George Calombaris asked. He was surprised with Elena’s sorbet as if he never had an idea on the taste itself. Other judges Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston shared their comments.

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At the end of the episode, Elena won from the unanimous decision from the three judges. Who would be the next contender to sit beside Elena’s finals week spot? Would it be Trent, Matt, Elise, Brett, Mimi or Harry?

MasterChef Australia Season 8 airs every Sunday to Thursday at 7:30 pm on Ten.

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