MasterChef Australia Season 8, Episodes 58, 59 Spoilers: Matt, Elena to Quarterfinals; Mimi, Elise & Harry in elimination round

MasterChef Australia Season 8 episode 58 59 spoilers
MasterChef Australia Season 8 episode 58, 59 spoilers reveal three aspiring chefs to face elimination round after Lake House’s signature dish challenge.

MasterChef Australia Season 8, episode 58, 59 spoilers revealed that the aspiring chefs will face tougher challenges to test their skills and worth to survive elimination. At this point, Mimi Baines broke down and the others were pressured with the time limits.

In the next episode, the MasterChef Australia Season 8 contestants who will undergo elimination have to beat the time and the dishes they have to prepare. The dish was not revealed in the sneak preview. It is noticeable though that Mimi, Elise, and Harry are having a hard time to create. They are on the point of giving up. However, the judges keep on motivating to push them to the quarterfinal spot.

The three failed in the previous Lake House test wherein they have to replicate Alla Wolf-Tasker’s signature dishes. The five remaining contenders Mimi, Elena, Elise, Matt, and Harry were assigned to one particular dish served to 40 people including the judges. It would not be that pressure if they have more time. Yet, they have to cook, prepare, and serve the dishes within two and a half hours.

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To know the particular order of cooks, the judges gave them set of knives with a certain dish and numbers on it. In order, Harry got number one (Smoked eel with beetroot crisp), Mimi with number two (Organic chicken with barley and foraged mushrooms), Elise got number three (Kangaroo loin with native mint and kale puree), Elena got number four (Plum and rosemary with sheep’s milk yoghurt) and Matt with number five (Country ramble with buttermilk and chocolate bark).


Alla Wolf-Tasker watched them like a hawk while preparing their assigned dishes. She checked and monitored on them every now and then. Out of the five members, Mimi didn’t expect to prepare a lot of ingredients on the spot which caused her to break down. In fact, she forgot the chicken broth.

Immediately, Alla approached her and told her to continue the process. George came to her afterwards. He said there is no time for crying. All she has right now is to use her instincts to prepare the dish. His motivation sinked in on Mimi’s head and continued the chicken broth. Her time to serve has been announced but she’s not yet finished.

That time, she knew she will go through the eliminations. The same situation with Elise and Harry who have seen the problems beforehand. Elise made the Kale puree too bitter and Harry’s eel to small for the flavors. Consequently, the three ended up in the elimination in episode 59.

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On the other hand, Elena and Matt were saved with their superb and almost perfectly made masterpieces. Alla acknowledged Matt’s dessert as a wonderfully done course. The judges described his dish worth for a five-star casual food served every day.

Elena’s dessert has a bit trouble with the jelly’s thickness but the flavor was insane. They liked it over Harry’s eel recipe.

For the next MasterChef Australia Season 8, episode 59, Mimi, Elise, and Harry’s fate in the eliminations will be anticipated. Will they able to survive the challenge?

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