MasterChef Australia Season 8, Episode 59, 60 Spoilers: Judges vs contestants; Harry & Elise saved from elimination, proceeds quarterfinals

MasterChef Australia Season 8 Episode 59 60 spoilers
In MasterChef Australia Season 8 next episodes, will the remaining top four contenders, Matt, Elena, Elise and Harry, be able to defeat the fierce quarterfinals against the three judges?

Upcoming MasterChef Australia Season 8, episodes 59 and 60 spoilers reveal that the contestants will battle the judges. A guest judge will be with them in the quarterfinal episode.

In the sneak preview for episode 60, the contestants will have their quarterfinal fight against the three judges. It is expected that Harry, Matt, Elise and Elena should work against their fierce opponents. There were no particular dishes revealed in the clip. Yet, it will be a very intense episode.

The MasterChef Australia Season 8 quarterfinal will determine who will remain and fight in the nearing final week. Obviously, the judges will not make an easy quest. They need to fight back and see the aspiring chefs’ cookery skills whether they deserve the final’s spot or not.

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There are only four remaining contenders for the show since Mimi was out from the competition. In the previous episode, she failed to impress the judges with her dish “Fig ice cream with smoked ricotta and prosciutto shards.”

According to the judges, the dish elements weren’t able to compliment and were not able to work together. Plus, the ricotta was dry when it was presented.

She thought that it was a goat’s cheese. If it was, she could’ve replicated her grandmother’s signature dish which surely guarantee her spot in the quarterfinals.

Compared to Harry’s “Butter poached lobster with a coriander and chicken dumpling and a lobster bisque,” hers simply didn’t work out for the judges.

Though Harry’s lobster bisque lacked complexity against his delicious chicken dumpling and lobster, the taste complimented well with each other. This was his winning weapon against Mimi.

From the three, Elise got the first guarantee for the quarterfinal spot with her “Chocolate pistachio brownie with chocolate mousse, orange ice cream and crumb.” Albeit the mousse was not cooked well in time, the overloaded chocolate passed the judges’ taste buds.

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The mousse didn’t have the proper look (since the middle area of the dessert sinked which was not supposed to be) in terms of quality standards but the taste was simply delicious. Hence, she assured her spot for the last two rounds in MasterChef Australia Season 8.

Who will win in the next fight between MasterChef judges and the remaining top four aspiring cooks? Will the contestants be able to survive the tough battle? Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates!

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