MasterChef Australia Season 8, Episodes 60, 61, 62, 63 Spoilers: Matt, Elena final showdown; Harry, Elise out

MasterChef Australia Season 8 Episode 60 61 62 63 spoilers
MasterChef Australia Season 8 episode 63 ended with Elena and Matt to the Grand finale. Who will make it as the season’s winner? Will it be Elena or Matt?

The latest episodes of MasterChef Australia Season 8 challenges Matt, Elena, Elise and Harry to prepare dishes to impress the judges. Their main goal is to apply all the elements they have learned in the competition on their dishes. At the end of the semi-finals, Matt and Elena proved they deserved the spots.

In episode 60, the challenge opened with an open letter from the remaining four contenders’ closest loved ones. Along with the letters were the ingredients hidden inside the mystery boxes. Matt received from his wife, Elise got the key ingredients from her fiance, Elena and Harry from their mothers.

In the first round of the competition, they acted as the judges. George, Gary and guest chef Shannon became the competitors. George prepared “Cannelloni, monkfish, cauliflower, dates, lime, parsely.

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Shannon have “Roasted and poached monkfish with cauliflower and miso broth.” Greg cooked “Roasted monkfish with cauliflower, garlic and miso lime butter. The dish became his key to win the round.

During the second round, Elena, Harry and Elise faced off with the three professional chefs. In the test, they needed to cook a dish through a cooking relay within 60 minutes. The dish should contain the main ingredient, mandarin.

The contestants presented a perfect “Mandarin panna cotta, Mandarin jelly and Granita” while the judges with two dishes. They prepared “Poached quail, breast with a mushroom puree infused with mandarin.” At the end of the episode, the contestants won.

MasterChef Australia Season 8 quarterfinals took place in episode 61. Within the episode, the remaining top four chefs have to undergo two rounds. The first round winner will go straight through the semi-finals.

The remaining three will have to go through the elimination challenge, on the other hand. At that point, the contestants got the ingredients from their loved ones and used them for their dishes.

They became so emotional when they found out the contents in their mystery boxes. They suddenly remembered how their life was before they got in the competition. This also left

Harry emotionally drained wasting 15 minutes thinking what could he prepare for the round. He thought what could be the best dish he could cook for his mother. Yet, he failed to realize he needed to move and start cooking.

At the end, Elena was saved by her “Crab with cauliflower, brussel sprouts and apple and a sauce” dish. The judges described her as a crab apple genius. She immediately got her spot in the semi-finals.

Matt, Elise, and Harry cooked “Crispy skin snapper with dumplings, noodles and snapper broth,” “Thyme and vanilla panna cotta with a black pepper tuile” and “Sweet pea dumplings with salmon tartare and a pinot noir chardonnay granita” respectively.

Only Elena survived the first round and got her spot in the semis. However, Matt, Elise and Harry have to battle for elimination in round two.

In the second round, they have to choose only one set of tools (with specified techniques) or ingredients for their dish. Matt chose liquidizing technique, Harry with aeration and Elise with gelatin.

The intensity of the stress and pressure were getting through their heads that much. Elise was unable to hold it any longer. She burst into tears after Gary approached her and asked if that’s the only thing she got in mind.

Afterwards, she doubted if she really could make it which made true when she failed to perfect her “Smoked chocolate parfait with a chocolate glaze, orange sorbet, jelly and a crumb.”

Matt and Harry earned their semi-final spots through perfecting their “Blackberry sorbet with a dark chocolate and port jelly” and “Passionfruit sorbet, grapefruit jelly and a coconut espuma” dishes.

During the next episode of MasterChef Australia Season 8, Elena, Matt and Harry must conquer the toughest challenge in history of the show. They have to prepare two dishes, one main course and one dessert.

For only four hours, they needed to finish cooking and plating good for 23 people. Hence, they were required to serve 46 plates in total.

As usual, Matt, Gary and George served as the judges while their previous guest chef returned as their mentor, motivator, and supervisor in the kitchen. At the end of the test, Elena and Matt earned the final spots in the competition. Harry was eliminated.

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Elena was saved with her “Oz-meets-nice” and “Apple, cheese and bickies” with her personal and surprising kick of flavors. Matt impressed the judges with his professionally, perfectly prepared “Confit duck leg with pumpkin and a date reduction” and “Brioche donut with Orange and coffee” dishes.

For MasterChef Australia Season 8 episode 63, audiences have to anticipate who will be the winner of the competition. Will it be Matt or Elena deserved to earn the award? Stay tuned!

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