MasterChef Season 7, Episode 8 Spoilers: Mystery box for the next elimination challenge the key for D’Andres to get the top spot

MasterChef Season 7 episode 8 spoilers
MasterChef Season 7, episode 8 spoilers reveal the mystery box challenge which tests the aspiring chefs’ creativity, resourcefulness and time management.

MasterChef Season 7, episode 8 spoilers revealed the next tough challenge for the contending and aspiring chefs. Chef Edward Lee will unveil the mystery box challenge wherein the contestants’ skills will be tested.

The challenge will assess the contestants’ abilities to survive the tough trial. If they get through it, they will have the chance to be exempted from the elimination round. If they won’t, another slated challenge is already prepared. To pass, they need to show their creativity, time management skills and resourcefulness.

According to MasterChef Season 7, episode 8 spoilers, they will have to prepare four entrees in 45 minutes without spending their $20 budget. To achieve the goal, they need to be resourceful with the ingredients and time needed to cook.

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In the sneak preview, one of the contestants, D’Andres, shared his past to the world-renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay. The challenge of saving 20 bucks for several dishes seemed to be a familiar experience to him.

He revealed that he didn’t have a home after coming out from his parents. So, he learned how to survive with meals bought from a little budget on hand. It is likely predictable that this remarkable life event will be his key to win the mystery box challenge, Catermatt reported.

On the other hand, those contestants who are not able to win the challenge will have to win the next one. The same source stated that for the next test, they need to prepare dishes from heart or feet from the animals.

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Based from the MasterChef Season 7, episode 8 spoilers, the contestants need to showcase their finest and most unique cooking skills to survive the next test to pass. If one of them did, another chance to skip from the elimination is guaranteed.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/MasterChef

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