Michael Jackson confirmed alive; King of Pop spotted, faked his death

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Michael Jackson confirmed alive after spotted in unreleased video footages
After seven years of his death, Michael Jackson confirmed alive. King of Pop’s fans believed he faked his death in 2009. YouTube videos supported claims.

After years of speculations since 2009, Michael Jackson confirmed alive after he was reportedly spotted in a secret location seven years ago. Albeit many hoax news and videos published for years, there were real footage videos that truly convinced people to believe he’s still alive.

In one video uploaded, it showed convincing grounds that the King of Pop may have faked his death since then. According to the Youtuber, among the famous icons died, the media usually displayed open casket during their wake.

During Michael Jackson’s public wake, it would have been reasonable to see his body with an open casket, since his death was due to cardiac arrest. That means it would be agreeable to see him publicly, because his facial features were not damaged.

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But, the family chose to close his casket, unlike the other music icons that died like Elvis Presley, wherein the public saw his body proving he’s dead. The King of Rock and Roll died from an overdose of his drug prescriptions in 1977.

With Michael Jackson’s case, nobody could notice if his dead body was really there or not, since the family decided to close his casket from the public eyes. From there, many of his fans thought that his own family helped him to succeed in his foolish idea.

Another video explained this theory. He might have watched his own wake and saw people who were grieving for his untimely death.

The video also displayed that his family was not crying and Janet Jackson was looking for one of the women in the audience, who’s assumed as Michael Jackson disguised as a woman. She even appeared like she knew the woman with a blond hair personally.

In addition to that, the family reportedly wore sunglasses to cover their real emotions during the event. The YouTuber believed that the Jackson family was trying to hide their smiles and laughter. In that way, they’ll convince everyone that they’re grieving though they were not at all.

Moreover, there was a footage taken way back 2009, hours after the medical team brought Michael Jackson to the hospital. Many photos presented he’s dead, while the team brought him to the ambulance. However, what they were not able to notice was that the ambulance did not go to the hospital.

The video exposed the medical team went out from the vehicle and assisted a weak man wearing white long sleeves and black slacks. Based from how the patient’s features, it appeared similar to Michael Jackson. This claim was recently supported when his daughter Paris took a photo and uploaded to her Instagram account months ago.

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Many speculated about the image at the backseat, which was assumed to have similar features of her father. Given these speculations, Michael Jackson successfully faked his own death and made the world believe he won’t come back and produce songs anymore. Nevertheless, millions of his fans remain supportive of his music until today.

Photo courtesy: Instagra.com/@parisjackson

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