Is Mike Rowe Dead; The Dirty Jobs star found naked with a shotgun over his house

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Photo courtesy: Ready for a Dirty Job/Wikimedia

If you thought The Dirty Jobs star, Mike Rowe was found dead in his house naked, you probably were not shooting in the right direction. However, something of the sort did happen when the celebrity host took his 12-gauge shotgun to shoot at something threatening to expose the man in his birthday suit.

However, sense struck the 54-year-old and he chose to do away with the real-life shooting from his shot gun. Rowe then went on Facebook to give an early warning to his followers. He confessed that he was sleeping naked in his bedroom and something of the sort could leak online within the next few days, as reported by The Huffington Post.

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While enjoying the sound beauty of sleeping naked, Rowe was roused when he heard a buzzing noise. The Deadliest Catch narrator woke up to check outside his window. To his surprise, he found a drone hovering outside his house with its camera focusing straight at the man.

This was enough to drive Rowe into his action hero fantasy. He took out the shotgun from under his bed, loaded the gun and ran outside, still naked to shoot the drone down, according to The Bit Bag.

“I pumped a shell into the chamber, enjoying the ‘crunch-crunch’ sound that makes shotguns worth owning. I had a clear shot—nothing but blue sky above—and more than enough umbrage to justify the destruction I was about to unleash.” Rowe said.

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However, better sense prevailed for the man from Baltimore, Maryland. The thought that the footage could end up at a local news channel and become the next hot scandal of the town was enough for him not to pull the trigger.

In all of this, the drone flew away and Rowe did take a shot at it in the end. But, the shot was taken from his cellphone and not with his shotgun.

The celebrity host then chose Facebook to warn his fans of any viral scandal which could follow in the next few days.

Photo courtesy: Ready for a Dirty Job/Wikimedia

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