Mike Tyson recalls story when he caught Brad Pitt with his ex

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Mike Tyson is a legend. The former world champion is known for his powerful blows and punches. So anyone in their right mind would surely not want to pick up a quarrel with him. But not Brad Pitt.

Yes, you read that right.

The onscreen hero seemed to once take his reel life heroic strength way too seriously.

How, you may ask.

Brad Pitt was trying to have sex with Mike Tyson’s estranged wife, Robin Givens. And as luck would have it, Mike caught them in the act.

In an appearance on the TV show The Real, recalling about that incident, Tyson spilled more beans about it and shares his feelings for Pitt.

The incident happened in the ‘80s and as Tyson recalled the incident, he labeled it funny. As reported by TMZ, Tyson said that he was actually at the house hoping to bang Givens one last time. They were going for a divorce soon and so Tyson wanted to have one last night with Givens before they started the proceedings with divorce lawyers.

Just then he saw Robin with Brad. Both were fooling around, Mike revealed.

However, he reveals that both of them didn’t actually do it but were about to do it when he showed up. Pitt, as the former boxer reveals was goofy and stoney when he confronted the actor.

It’s been thirty years now. And one would feel that Tyson still holds grudge against the Hollywood actor. But in reality, Tyson hardly has anything bad to say about the actor.

Tyson instead said that he likes Brad Pitt and called him a “nice guy”.

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