Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth breakup, Adam Levine feud was just publicity stunt

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Miley Cyrus was just being Miley Cyrus for not wearing her ring and for announcing that she was leaving ‘The Voice.’ As various sources have confirmed, everything was just publicity.

As of late, Cyrus has been creating a lot of buzz which has placed her in the middle of the public eye once again. One of them is her reported broken engagement with her on again and off again fiance, Liam Hemsworth. She was first spotted without it in Los Angeles.

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The rumors became even louder when she referred to Hemsworth as her boyfriend rather than her fiance in the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The confusing thing, however, according to Hollywood Life is that she was “visibly wearing” her engagement ring on that issue’s photo shoot.

The ring was not difficult to notice since it glowed brightly against the white background of the photo.

So whatever, she and Hemsworth are plotting remains to be seen. It can be remembered that they originally planned their wedding in summer but postponed it to fall. Given that fact, they could’ve moved the date again and focus on their careers first.

Meanwhile, even her supposed feud and departure from ‘The Voice’ because of Adam Levine has been proven a ‘false report’ according to Gossip Cop, which even said that Radar Online, the source of the supposed feud, was just sensationalizing everything for the sake of publicity.

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The online magazine further pointed out that the same headline formula had been used before in August where Alicia Keys supposedly teamed up with Levine to gang up with Cyrus. Now, the recent headline is that ‘The Voice’ judges are ganging up on her. However, everything that was happening in the show was just good natured ribbing with all the judges trying to one-up each other.

In fact, the whole article did not even mention the details that Cyrus was being bullied by her fellow judges. What it really said was the fact that Cyrus refuses to be beaten by her two older male co-judges.

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