Minnesota Vikings safety Sendejo ‘has the balls’, takes GF to McD’s on V-Day

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Minnesota Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo doesn’t follow the usual trends. When most couples prefer a costly restaurant on the famous Valentine’s Day, Sendejo took his date to McDonalds’ for dinner.

“Everyone jokes about doing Valentine’s at McDonald’s, but nobody actually has the balls to do it.” Sendejo tweeted.

Sendejo’s shared picture showed the couple having a Happy Meal with shiny red heart-shaped balloons tied to the table. It also featured the last remaining of two orange juices.

By the looks of it, Sendejo’s date was extremely happy to be with him. With all the food, drinks, balloons and that special someone available, it’s tough not to be happy. Moreover, she had the Happy Meal to be happy!

The Twitter post inspired many responses amongst the fans and critics alike.


But, whoever commented on twitter blaming the man for taking his girl to McD, probably never saw this sitting across the table from them.


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How I get warmed up for games. #nostretching #curlsonly

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Only time will tell if Vikings’ Sendejo will be able to lead others to skip expensive restaurants for McDonald’s when the V-Day hits again next year!

Photo courtesy: twitter.com/Asendejo

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