Narcos Season 2: Pablo Escobar’s son reacts to factual errors in series; Roberto Escobar reveals Netflix didn’t approach him first before broadcast

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Narcos Season 2 spoilers

Narcos Season 2 received praises from critics, but it failed to impress Pablo Escobar’s son Sebastian Marroquin and brother Roberto Escobar. In his latest Facebook post, he revealed that Netflix made a lot of historical mistakes and factual errors regarding Pablo’s whereabouts.

The Colombian architect, author and son of the notorious drug dealer Pablo Escobar, Sebastian Marroquin, revealed the 28 specific errors that Netflix made for Narcos Season 2. Based on his recent Facebook post, most of the facts that the show runners presented were untrue.

“[Carlos Henao] R.I.P. was my maternal uncle and it was not a drug dealer it’s cracked up to be in the series … He was always talking about making peace, not war. [He] always talked about escape, not to attack anyone. It was not [a] drug dealer and the Netflix to malign him and with it to all of us that we are his entire family, with total impunity and tranquillity,” he said in his post.

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He also added that Pablo Escobar wasn’t disrespectful to his own parents and he never witnessed his father murdering the real-life Colonel Carillo in contrast what Netflix showed to the audience. In fact, during Pablo’s final hours, he wanted to fix everything he did for the good of everyone. However, Pablo failed as the police shot him down.

In addition to that, Marroquin argued that his family didn’t live in luxury, especially after his father died from the police raid. He revealed that they were living in slums at that time.

Marroquin explained that his father Pablo Escobar passed away under the hands of the Columbian authorities alone, though he claimed his father decided to change in the last minute of his life.

In response to these statements, the Narcos Season 2 show runners had already stated earlier that not everything in the series was true. There were some parts where they needed to exaggerate only for dramatic purposes.

However, their explanations didn’t work for Pablo Escobar’s relatives, especially with Roberto Escobar, brother of Pablo, who also asked Netflix to view the series before airing them in public. However, he never heard a word from the online streaming service.

He explained that he has to know what the network has to show to the people to validate the facts. They don’t just broadcast the episodes without proper consultation from the Columbian drug dealer’s family members because this is a family’s sensitive subject.

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He also stated that the series itself represented him and his family. Thus, it’s important for Pablo Escobar’s family to know how Netflix shows the details before the company broadcasts Narcos Season 2. However, both Sebastian Marroquin and Pablo Escobar have not heard a response from Netflix until now.

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