Narcos Season 2 plot revealed; Drugs, focus moving from Colombia to Mexico, Brazil?

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Netflix’s ‘Narcos’ Season 2 release date has been set for August later this year with the main plot about the “Fall of Pablo Escobar” and the drugs and main story arc moving from Colombia to Mexico or Brazil, according to multiple reports.

The historical fiction about Colombia’s feared drug lord Pablo Escobar is one of the highly acclaimed original series from Netflix and also one of the most popular and downloaded by viewers in recent years.

Reports state that “Narcos” Season 2 is already done filming with post-production finished by end of June, notes iDigitalTimes, which also interviewed Narcos series composer Pedro Bromfman.

“Season 2 is a lot about, of course, the fall of Escobar and the fall of the Medellín cartel, and the rise of the Cali cartel. We start meeting a lot of new characters in Season 2, and we start understanding how the situation expanded from Medellín to Cali and everything that took place,” Bromfman stated.

The Cali cartel is also based in Colombia ran by the Rodriguez Orejual brothers, who broke away from Pablo Escobar’s Mediellin cartel as he started getting in trouble with Colombian and American anti-drugs authorities.

“It just shifts places, but it keeps moving. As long as there’s people buying drugs, there’ll be bad guys trying to provide them and killing people and doing things. As long as they are illegal, and as long there are people interested in them, apparently there’s no stopping it. Now it’s in Mexico, but it did go around. It did go around for a long time,” Bromfman added.

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