Natasha Bassett stars in Lifetime’s unauthorized Britney Spears 2-hour television biopic

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Natasha Bassett stars in Lifetime's Britney Spears biopic
Even without Britney Spears’ blessing, Natasha Bassett stars in Lifetime’s unauthorized two-hour television biopic. Will the show reach Australian shores?

Australian actress Natasha Bassett stars in an unauthorized two-hour biopic on national television “Britney” wherein it tackles every aspect of the iconic Britney Spears’ life, both her ups and downs in show business.

Although the “Crazy” singer was obviously unimpressed with Lifetime’s initiative, the network continued to slate the two-hour TV movie in 2017 even without Spears’ blessing. According to various sources, the singer’s representatives commented about the Spears’ refusal to acknowledge the show.

They wrote that Britney Spears won’t be contributing anything to the project in any form. Sydney Morning Herald mentioned that with Lifetime’s new show, it will include the singer’s rise to stardom as well as her downturns especially her failed romance with Justin Timberlake which was then considered a high-profile relationship.

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Noted as “One of the most controversial and successful female vocalists of the 21st century” by Rolling Stones, it’s certain to include Spears’ subsequent botched marriages and her sons’ custody issues in the biopic.

Aside from that, her public breakdown in 2007, stints in rehab, and her life under the guardianship of her father were covered as well. That means the biopic could also highlight her financial status wherein she doesn’t have access to her bank accounts unless her father permits.

With that being said, the same source noted that the 23-year-old Australian actress found the role of Britney Spears extremely challenging. Thus, by taking such “complex” characters like the one mentioned gave her much drive to perform well.

In fact, she’s looking forward to the success of the film even without the singer’s recognition of its existence. During an interview with Vogue, she told that she loved portraying the roles that certainly affect people in various ways.

“When you create something that truly affects people – whether it makes them laugh, cry or get really ticked off, whatever it may be – there’s nothing better than trying to make some sense of the human condition through different complex characters and being able to share that with other people, she cited.

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In the meantime, many Australian viewers wondered if the interesting two-hour biopic “Britney” will reach their islands or will remain in the American shores. For now, there is no word from Lifetime confirming its possibility to welcome international broadcast.

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