NBA 2K17 1.03 Patch available now: What to expect in the new patch release

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NBA 2k17 Release

NBA 2K17 newest update, the 1.03 patch is already available to add more excitement to the already successful release of the popular basketball video game. It’s reportedly at 7GB big and it will take care of most issues experienced during the initial release.

2K Games, the video game creator of the 2K17 series, has not officially sent the notes to its millions of fans and gamers but some players took it for themselves state what the new 1.03 patch update offers.

According to reports, the MyPark mode will feature a new park and that the previous errors on the Grand Bradge are now addressed. Some issues warnings that their games crashes or freezes after the new 1.03 patch update, which is reportedly available for PS4 gamers only.

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The same report stated that players are still pissed that 2K has still “overlooked” many errors including the ones on the “fly menus, accessories and customization fixes”

DPSVIP.com also confirmed the new NBA 2K17 1.03 patch. It stated the there is still no official patch notes available from 2K Games but that the bug fixes are the main reason for the new update.

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The article also wrote that they expect some things to be fixed like the substitutions errors in the MyLeague online mode, the permanent boosts in MyCareer practice and skipping the cut scenes in the MyCareer mode.

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