NBA Rumors: Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson has found a ‘new company’

Model Kendall Jenner presents a creation by Lebanese designer Elie Saab as part of his Fall/Winter 2016/2017 women’s ready-to-wear collection in Paris, France, March 5, 2016. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Jordan Clarkson, who will become a restricted free agent in the upcoming off-season, was reportedly seen tagging along with other people “off the court”.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Jordan Clarkson was invited by his rumored girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, to a fun night out at the Nice Guy in West Hollywood on May 7, to meet her sisters, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

The couples planned to go in the meeting place separately in order to avoid catching the attentions of the public. They arrived at the Nice Guy with different services but Khloe and Kendall still caught the attention of the crowd, having all eyes on them as they walked inside the club.

Kendall Jenner looked stunningly beautiful with her leopard-print overcoat, before topping her outfit off with a black leather handbag. Jordan Clarkson looked to be equally as keen to keep a low profile, with his hoody covering his head as he walked inside, feeling nervous since it was his first time to formally meet Kendall Jenner’s sisters.

Kendall Jenner, who always keeps her love life in secret, was also rumored to be dating One Direction’s Harry Styles. Many felt sorry for Clarkson since they preferred the Lakers guard to be Kendall’s boyfriend. However, with Jordan Clarkson being formally introduced to Kendall’s sisters Khloe and Kylie basically means that the couples are near to having a serious commitment.

On the same report, it was said that Kylie was the person who wanted to set up Kendall and Jordan Clarkson and was thrilled when they finally got together. But, Khloe felt some doubts with Clarkson since he knew something about dating a basketball player so she decided to meet Clarkson and talk to him personally.

“Khloe knows all too well the games, shenanigans and heartbreaks associated with dating a man in the NBA,” the source the Hollywood Life. “That said, she wants to sit down with Jordan so she can vet him and find out what his intentions are!”

Luckily, it seems Jordan Clarkson and the famous sisters had a good night out and it looks like the Filipino-American guard has scored a career-high off the court.

Photo courtesy: Gonzalo Fuentes/REUTERS

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