NCIS LA Season 8: No hope for Anna-Callen relationship, thanks to Callen’s psyche

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NCIS LA had just a high strung episode last Sunday with a hefty mix of drama, suspense, and romance. Yes, romance but it’s not about Deeks and Kensi but the camera focuses this time on Anna and Callen. However, there are already reports that throw some cold water over to the rumored romance of these two.

Anna Kolcheck, the Russian-born Chicago cop who became a security specialist, was first seen in February where she teamed up with Callen as they went undercover. At that time, sparks already flew and they had a budding romance but was cut short and she left with the relationship not getting any further.

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In the last episode, she came back to lend a hand to her old friends to fill in Kelsi’s shoes. And their reunion was one for the books considering the dangerous situation they faced once again to uncover who killed Brandon Noah. They found themselves involved in a series of gunfire. Thankfully all’s well that ends well as they were able to catch Noah’s killer.

With Anna back in the fold, fans are wondering whether she will hang around much longer than she did last season and take her relationship with Callen to the next level. The answer might lie in Granger when he said “maybe” in reply to her question whether he will take her back or not.

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Fans are hoping NCIS: LA will take their relationship much deeper than their usual doses of flirtations. However, TV Line reports that their relationship is doomed to failure because of Callen’s ‘tortured psyche.’ The report further said that it doesn’t matter who Callen builds a relationship with because it will always end up in failure because he simply is not cut out for relationships.

Therefore, in light of Callen’s psyche and Granger’s noncommittal reply, Anna might just be one of the partner guests the show will have until Kelsi fully recovers from her coma.

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