NCIS Los Angeles: Miguel Ferrer’s ‘heart attack’ rumors solved, actor spotted at ‘Twin Peaks’

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Just the other day, tabloids have been churning about the supposed ‘heart attack of one of NCIS: Los Angeles’ mainstays’ Miguel Ferrer. Turned out Ferrer was just around the corner at ‘Twin Peaks’ and he’s very much in good health.

The sudden disappearance of Daniela Ruah, who plays Kensi Blye in NCIS: Los Angeles, has created quite a frenzy among fans of the show. They panicked thinking Kensi’s helicopter accident in the first episode of the season signals that her character will be written off and she will disappear just like that.

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Those fears were not unfounded as LL Cool J dropped some mysterious hints back in August that “somebody’s got to die.” However, it has been confirmed already that the actress had just been on maternity leave and the script was written that way to give her time to recuperate.

After Ruah, came news of Miguel Ferrer’s supposed heart attack because it seemed like he was missing in action at the NCIS: LA set. Ferrer, who takes the role of NCIS assistant chief Owen Granger, has been one of the mainstays in the show; thus, his disappearance has created a stir as well.

Although the heart attack issue was unfounded, fans can’t help but ask whether the person who will ‘die’ this season 8, as LL Cool J, had teased, will be Granger. That rumor rings much stronger as Ferrer was seen in the promo trailer of ‘Twin Peaks,’ which is set to return on TV soon. It could be remembered that Ferrer was also one of the main characters in the series.

With that in mind, could it be the signal that Ferrer’s Granger will die because he will focus on ‘Twin Peaks?’ His exit from the show might happen in many ways considering that Granger has found himself in hot water as of late.

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First, there was the spy in the unit which, until now, Granger cannot identify. Defense Secretary Duggan reprimanded him saying that if the mole won’t be caught, he is considering a change in leadership. Is Secretary Duggan’s threat a hint that Granger will be axed from his position and be replaced by someone new?

Fans will just have to see in the coming episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles. For now, fans are just hoping that Kensi will be okay.

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