NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 Rumors: Kensi undergoes grueling therapy for injury

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NCIS Los Angeles Season 8
Picture Courtesy: Greg Hernandez/Flickr

Rumor mills are abuzz with reports that two or one cast of NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 may be on their way out. In the context of the situations faced by the characters, according to the speculation of fans, one of them happens to be Daniela Ruah.

In the series, Ruah essays the role of Kensi, an agent of NCIS who went into a coma after suffering a severe injury in the spine. In the recent past, she does come out of the coma but full recovery is still a distant aim in NCIS Los Angeles Season 8.

But the road of therapy before her is one that is fraught with pain in addition to being long and life is something that does not hold as much fascination for her as it used to. A thorough and hard contemplation are on the cards along with a talk with Deeks about her wish to die.

Also, Daniela is expecting in real life and it is before long that she avails of her maternity leave. Provided the rumor is true that makes her the ideal candidate to exit in the NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 reports thegamersdrop.com

However, things are still cloudy and fans are hoping against hope that she does not take a permanent ouster from the show and comes back in the next season.

Other reports by the itechpost.com indicate that it is Deek’s life that may be at risk as his mind is not really on the job these days and considering what he does as a professional that could prove fatal.

But that theory was negated by the actor Eric Christian Olsen who said in recent interview that the road ahead of Deeks is going to be a long one. He added that both Kensi and Deeks are the most vulnerable at this point of his career.

Picture Courtesy: Greg Hernandez/Flickr

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