NCIS Los Angeles Season 8: Show prepares Miguel Ferrer’s exit as his character is revealed to have cancer; Previous episode beats The Walking Dead in the ratings game

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It looks like Miguel Ferrer is going to leave the NCIS Los Angeles team as it has been revealed that his character, Owen Granger, is suffering from a serious illness in episode 8 of the popular CBS show. Meanwhile, fans celebrate as the show’s previous episode beats The Walking Dead in viewership ratings.

The military drama and police procedural TV series has been one of America’s top-rated television shows which recently enjoyed a viewership surge by beating rival series The Walking Dead. The show’s 8th episode, titled Parallel Resistors, has garnered 12.1 million viewers, out-delivering the AMC’s hit zombie series, which clocked 11.5 million viewers, according to Deadline.

The feat marks the first time NCIS Los Angeles has outstripped The Walking Dead in more than 2 1/2 years and the last time it happened was during the show’s Season 5 finale on May 13, 2014, as reported by Deadline. Prior to the show’s 8th episode, a 60 Minutes interview of President-elect Donald Trump was aired and may be the reason for the viewership surge as it goosed the show’s ratings.

Meanwhile, speculations regarding Owen Granger, played by Miguel Ferrer, dying in the coming episodes are getting worse as it has been revealed in the previous episode that he is suffering from a serious illness. Although he did not say what kind of illness he is suffering from, it is widely speculated that it might be cancer.

The revelation was made by Granger to his superior Operations Manager Hetty Lange, portrayed by Linda Hunt, making her the only person in the team who knows about his condition. It would also explain Granger’s absence or lack of appearance in the previous episodes as he is looking for doctors who can help him in his medical condition.

An E! News interview with actor LL Cool J, who stars as Senior NCIS Field Agent Sam Hanna, also fueled speculations that Granger is going to die in the current season of the show where he said “somebody’s got to go,” when asked what to expect in NCIS Los Angeles season 8.

However, this is just speculation at this point as official word has not been made. Fans will have to tune in on the upcoming episodes of NCIS Los Angeles season 8 which airs Sunday nights on CBS.

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