NCIS New Orleans Season 3: Agent Pride’s team is now complete with Tammy Gregorio replacing Meredith Brody

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NCIS New Orleans
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The fifth episode of NCIS New Orleans season 3 has been aired a few hours ago and with spoilers already been released before its airing, the show seems desperate to endear Agent Tammy Gregorio to the fans as the suitable replacement for Agent Meredith Brody.

Episode five, titled Course Correction, continues the show’s campaign to humanize Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito) as she has been portrayed with an acidic persona in the previous episodes. The show seems desperate to endear her to the fans following the departure of Zoe McLellan, who plays Brody, to the series which resulted to a vacancy in Pride’s team.

As Lasalle (Lucas Black) and Sonja (Shalita Grant) continue to interview applicants for the team’s open agent designation, Gregorio’s involvement in the NCIS New Orleans team seems to result in her getting the slot especially after the events following tonight’s episode.

The fifth episode of the show revolves around a plane crash where six passengers are killed including two pilots, a Load Master and three Petty Officers. Gregorio gets to work on the case as it is somehow connected to the cartel, the reason for her coming to New Orleans in the first place.

She then went to work with Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) in solving the case where they discovered that one of the two pilots is responsible for the crash, thanks to Sebastian Lund’s (Rob Kerkovich) help.

However, the media got wind of the accident and blamed Petty Officer Emil Saad as a terrorist and the one responsible for the crash. Gregorio then went to PO Saad’s daughter, Emily, to say that the news are untrue and vowed to find the real culprits. Emily, however, is disdainful of her father as he was never there for her and her late mother.

This is where the show tries to humanize Gregorio as she relates to Emily and later made her to lower her guard as she told Pride the reason why she had left New Orleans: her ex-husband stole rebuilding funds intended for Hurricane Katrina and is now a fugitive. She is apparently paying for her ex-husband’s sins by self-exile.

Her teammates are also starting to grow on her too as she has been a lot of help to the case where she is seen standing up to her FBI boss and helping Pride meet with an FBI hacker to track a drone signal.

As the cartel storyline continues to drag on, it seems fans get to see Gregorio more often on NCIS New Orleans. Perhaps, by then, fans will start coming around and the show will continue for another season.

NCIS New Orleans season 3 airs every Tuesday at 10pm on CBS.

Photo courtesy: ncisneworleans/Instagram

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